Ps3 not updating gta 5

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Small hard drives in game consoles are largely a thing of the past; while storage remains a concern--I know my Xbox One and Play Station 4 have been threatening to run out of space for months--it's rare for a single game to be too big for a console's hard drive.

Unfortunately, that is soon to be the case for Grand Theft Auto V players on a certain model of PS3, forcing those people to upgrade their system in order to continue playing online.

Tbh, it is surprising that they actually released GTA 5 on those systems to start with as the new systems were released less than a year later. It's probably because the phone becomes slow and you want a new faster one.

Also, Sony and Microsoft are ending or have ended support for those outdated systems. The same applies to everything, including games consoles.

Maybe it will work or it wont, but it's just a test.

However, like first-person mode, some future GTA V features may only be possible on the latest versions of the game, Rockstar said."We are incredibly thankful to our original generation of GTA V and GTA Online players on those systems and wish to continue providing content to them for as long as we can," the developer explained.What about those who don't have games on their system. If there was a new gta 5 online update for all consoles, it would ask to be updated before playing.If there still is enough system space, it will download.Swapping out the hard drive in the super-slim model of PS3 (of which the 12GB is one) is a fairly simply process.You can follow our guide for doing so here, or you can check out Sony's official instructions here.

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